Who we are?

In 1993 we were asked to help create an all ‘New Lending Platform’. This lending platform would become one of the 1st of its kind that would be dedicated exclusively to the Healthcare Community.

Why us…., why were ‘we’ asked?

We were asked because prior to this we had approx. 15 years’ experience in Listing & Selling medical practices (a true pioneer of medical practice sales dating back to 1978).

Since then, we have gone on to co-develop a multitude of various lending facilities.

These lending facilities have ranged from SBA to Conventional to Private Lending programs. We have evolved into a multi contracted Banking Development Company and can boast over 1 billion dollars in loans served.

Our scope of service expands throughout all elements of practice financing such as, Acquisitions, Debt Consolidations, Equipment, Real Estate, Start-ups and Working Capital. Unlike some, our products can be offered to ALL Healthcare Specialties.

As a National Practice Transitions Service (matching Buyers and Seller) we have an understanding much much greater than your typical financing partner.

Who is it for ?

We are able to work with a diverse, broad spectrum when it comes to HealthCare Specialty Loans.

A variety of examples would be;

  • Single OR Multiple Practice Purchases
  • Great Credit with great Scores to lower scores and challenged credit
  • Practices AND related Real Estate
  • Small to Large size request
  • Virtually ALL healthcare practice specialties
  • New grads to seasoned licensed professionals
  • Yes! Some of our programs apply to the non-licensed applicant too!

We’ve served up over 1 billion dollars in loans for doctors!
Way back in 1993 when we were asked to help create a new lending platform in the healthcare field, we had no idea,
almost 30 years later, we’d still be here and thriving!
We have loans for doctors for virtually all needs.
While our Debt Consolidations are by far the favorite, we also offer financing for new needs such as Real Estate and or
Practice Acquisition Financing. Unlike many we can also facilitate Start Ups!
All this with incredibly LOW RATES and GREAT TERMS!
At LoansForDoctors.COM your loan comes with extra advantages like years of industry knowledge, experience and understanding.


Depending on the need we can structure loans either Conventionally or SBA or both.
In fact, there are not many requests for loans for doctors that we cannot facilitate.
We have streamlined quick processing for almost all our loans for doctors. We offer industry low rates with full transparency and guidance throughout.
Often Products like a Working Capital request can fund as quickly as 48 hours.
When you start the process with us you will find that not only are our loan applications easier to understand but we are available virtually anytime throughout the process.
Were here to help accelerate your practice through specialized loan, low-rate pricing, and experienced advise while you start build and grow your practice.

We take great pride from the accolades of our clients.

Have questions? Please fill the form out and we will get back to you soon.

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