While credit and ‘Scores’ have importance, it should be noted that it is not everything we look for in getting a loan request, approved. In fact most all our loan products and subsequent Approvals, are derived from a ‘Cash Flow Basis’. Therefore approval is derived from the subject Businesses ability to make the needed loan payments along with the supported cash flow.

Hence, at times and based upon the type of transaction, we can work with challenged credits.

Yes LoansForDoctors.COM specializes in the Healthcare marketplace BUT many of our programs do in fact work with a general business. The main programs that would not only lend in the medical field but also to Small Business, in general, would be our Working Capital and SBA products.

Rates can change daily. We compete with the best and tend to win deals more so than not. We know we have value added with 29 years in the business but at times rates speak louder than words. That is why the majority of our business is repeat clients as they have already done the shopping and most of all our happy with some one they TRUST.

Since establishing in 1993 we have seen them come and go. Yes! We proudly have outside companies we will refer to. Please call us for any of those referrals as we will be more than happy to point someone in the direction of someone we feel is worth their time.

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