While your everyday practicing physician may not need these services Clients such as hospitals, Urgent Care facilities, staffing agencies, Medical Billing companies… find our services to be a much-needed relief.

Accounts Receivable financing can be a maze with potential pitfalls that may hurt a company.
We’ve got your back. We take the approach of ‘whats good for the client is best for all’!

Time and time again we see clients come to us with other offers in hand. Time and time again we show how much more they would have paid had they not spoken to us.

We like to get request right the 1st time and that is why customers stay with us for the long term.

We’ve handled organizations with values greater than 300 million to smaller request under 1 million.

This type of finance request can be delicate and confusing. We’ll set things up properly the first time and get you back to ‘normal’ operations’ quick!

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